Physical rehabilitation and re-education are an essential part of thermal cure
Physiokinesitherapy is focused on the rehabilitation of articulations and muscles functionality, which are compromised by pain. Our centre avails itself of professional therapists who operate with advanced technologies. Physiotherapy cabs are equipped with laser, ultrasounds, currents. Motorial rehabilitation programs are carried out partly in the fitness room and partly in water, in the physioterapic pool, a bath with thermal water, fully equipped for individual sessions.
These are our specialities:
Rehabilitation must be intended as a practice that tents to the motorial and functional recovery of the deficits occurred after a pathologic, traumatic, or surgical event.
Re-education can be considered as the totality of techniques and therapies used to correct or re-educate motility and posture of the patients, who have not necessarily motorial damages or deficits, but who have often ache symptoms.

This term comes from Greek language and it refers to the therapy of movement in water. Considering the curative specificity of Abano thermal water, hydrokinesitherapy has a double therapeutic value, for it combines the beneficial effects of thermal water to the work out performed by qualified staff.
Hotel’s physiotherapy pool gives the possibility to those patients that for many reasons cannot move out of water to find an environment where they can move with complete privacy.
Hydrokinesitherapy is particularly indicated in post operating situations, because it makes possible a precocious beginning of the re-habilitation with important improvements in very short time.
Hydrokinesitherapy in thermal water is also a very useful therapy in pathologies that cause pain, compromising normal movements; in water the reduced incidence of body weight relieves considerably pains.
Physiotherapy or physical instrumental therapy foresees the use of electro medical instruments for therapeutic goals, usually to integrate rehabilitation techniques and hydrokinesitherapy.
These are shortly the instrumental therapies available in our physiotherapy cabs:
Laser: it has an anti- inflammatory effect;
Ultrasound: if used with a direct emission they have an antioedema effect (post-traumas, articular oedemas, haematomas), if rather used with a pulsed emission they have a painkiller effect;
Antalgic electro therapy: there are different types of current with painkiller effect; these therapies are known as Tens, Diadynamic and Interferential ones, Ionophoresis. It is the doctor who prescribes the most indicated therapy according to the health problem;
Electrotherapy muscle stimulations: they are all currents that because of their particular frequency of emission, produce a muscular contraction.
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