Cities of Art of Veneto Region

Abano Terme is centrally located is the Veneto Region, equidistant from beautiful cities of art rich in artistic and cultural treasures that are certainly worthy of a visit.
Padua, 8 Km far from Abano, is the city of St. Anthony, a saint worshipped all over the world; it is the centre of the second University in Italy as antiquity after Bologna, a prestigious athenaeum that gave hospitality to illustrious personages as Galileo and Copernico.
Boast of the city is one of the most beautiful and widest squares in Europe, Prato della Valle.
The conspicuous artistic heritage, distributed in many churches, museums and palaces has its top in the “Palazzo della Ragione”, the greatest civil building of Italian Middle Ages and in the “Scrovegni Chapel, where you can admire the wonderful cycle of Giotto’s frescos, his most complete and better-preserved work.

Venice, 30 Km far from Abano, is considered by many people the most beautiful city in the world.
An incredible city, made of 118 islands joined together by more than 400 bridges and separated by canals doing function as streets, and where you can move along only by feet or by boat.
Venice is however a fascinating city for the numerous artistic treasures that it possesses: churches, palaces, museums, bridges. You could even say that the whole city is a work of art, unique in the world, constructed during centuries of history and of difficult fights with the unstable balances of the lagoon.
Visiting Venice and its lagoon in every season of the year is an exciting and marvellous experience.

Verona, 80 Km far from Abano, has been able to preserve during the centuries many witnesses of its age-old history and it is today one of the most important Italian cities of art, destination every year of thousands of tourists.
Especially the Roman theatre and the Arena are the most important and better-preserved monuments of the roman period, together with witnesses of military architectures, because of its strategic position.
Verona is also considered the city of lovers thanks to the romantic history of Romeo and Juliet; besides during summer it becomes the homeland of opera with the Arena’s season. We must also remember that the whole east river of the Garda lake is part of Verona province.

Vicenza, 20 Km far from Abano Terme, is especially knows as the city of Andrea Palladio, the great Venetian architect of the sixteenth century, who worked in Vicenza and the surroundings more than in all other cities, building numerous palaces, public buildings and churches that give to the city an architectonic unmistakable appeal.
The whole territory of Vicenza, not only the main city is rich of famous villas, many of whom are works of Palladio, as the well-known Villa Capra, called “La Rotonda”.
In province, northwards, Bassano del Grappa is worthy of note, it is a great resort, famous for the covered bridge, made of wood, on the Brenta river: The Alpines bridge, and for a typical Grappa the “tagliatella“. Into the ancient walls the medieval city offers other characteristic views and monuments.

Treviso, 40 Km far from Abano, is the seat of the so called "Marca Gioiosa".
40 Km far from Abano, is the seat of the so called "Marca Gioiosa". The city, rounded by the sixteenth century walls, attract the tourist not thanks to an especial monument but to its totality, its coloured buildings, the elegant palaces and the slow and placid flow of the water of its river, the Sile, that runs slowly through the historical centre.
Also, the province is rich in well-known places: for the fine cuisine and for the wine production appreciate all over the world, we just wish to mention Valdobbiadene, country of the famous Prosecco, but also Montebelluna, Montello. You can breathe history between the walls of Castelfranco, Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto. Finally, there is also the Terraglio, the ancient avenue lined with trees that connects Treviso to Venice, on whose sides wonderful Venetian villas rise.

Venetian villas
From the XIV century the Venetian nobles decided to enlarge their domain inshore and they did it taking with them their taste for beauty that made of Venice one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The dwellings they built in the pleasant countries and hills, setting them perfectly in the environment around them, has been kept until today and they represent architectonical and artistic treasures for the Veneto region.
The Venetian villas are more than 4000 (200 of them are opened to the public) and they are collected along the road that takes from Mestre to Treviso (Terraglio), near to Brenta river that connect Venice to Padova (Villas of “Riviera del Brenta”), on hills of Treviso and Vicenza, on Euganean and Berici hills.  

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