Natural therapy against osteoarticular pain, without side effects

The mud-bath-therapy is the most important treatment of all the Euganean thermal basin. Already known at ancient Roman time, the treatment with thermal water, argil, humus, hyper-thermal sodio-brom-iodic and micro-alga is useful in the treatment of many pathologic situations characterized by dolorous symptomatology of the articulations, of the bones and of the muscles.

The thermal treatment is for all ages: in fact, it is appreciated not only from aged people, in order to soften pains provoked by arthrosis or rheumatic diseases, but also from younger people for the treatment of cartilaginous lesions, consequences of sport traumas or for intelligent prevention purposes.

Thanks to its action on the microcirculation, mud-therapy also has an aesthetic effect and it is a very good adjuvant in the treatment of cellulite and cutaneous ageing.

Because of the modalities of the treatment and of the all-natural “ingredients” used (water, earth, fire) mud-therapy presents itself as a means of contrast towards stress and the frenetic rhythms of every day’s life.

Anti-inflammatory active ingredients in the Euganean thermal mud baths
The European Patent No. 1571203 protects and guarantees the presence in thermal mud of numerous active ingredients, naturally produced during the ageing process when correctly regulated. Scientific research at the Pietro d’Abano Thermal Studies Centre, owner of the patent, has allowed identifying them and shown the efficaciousness in treating chronic and degenerative inflammatory pathologies, in particular of osteoarticular origin.
Do you know why our mud is good for you?
The following is a brief list of the main therapeutic and physiological benefits of a cycle of aged mud and thermal water treatments at our hotel:
Pain relief action: mud stimulates the production of endorphins, natural painkillers that raise the pain threshold
Anti-inflammatory action: mud stimulates the production of cortisole, the natural “cortisone”, which slows down symptoms becoming acute again
● Aids the immune system: mud makes our organism more resistant to infections by activating natural defences
Stimulates the metabolism: the temperature of the mud and the treatment protocol cause vasodilatation and stimulate organism renewal
Stimulates cartilage reconstitution: repeated cycles of mud therapy lead to self-healing processes in the organism
Detox action: the sweating brought on by applying warm mud purifies the body
Skin purifying action: the application of thermal mud to the skin acts as a light scrub
Preventive action: mud therapy prevents bone and joint disorders and many problems tied to incorrect lifestyles and postures
• Anti-stress action: stimulating endorphins and immune defences, as well as the considerable decrease in pain, balance both the body and mind.
How the treatment is carried out
The treatment cycle begins with the medical examination: the doctor checks your health state and prescribes the number and the modalities of the applications. With the exception of a different indication, you will receive a daily mud application. Mind that you are in the trustworthy hands of a specialized staff, who takes care of you during the different phases of the treatment.
● In a reserved room the operator puts mud on the body areas and in the times indicated by the doctor.
● A shower with thermal water helps you to get free of the clay residuals and you will immerse yourself in a basin for a regenerating thermal bath, that is normally enriched with ozone.Following to the thermal bath you can wear again the bathrobe.
● The mud treatment is completed, but you are suggested to lay down in your room or in the relaxation area by the pools, to have some rest during the post-application reaction, when the body sweats out the warmth adsorbed during mud application.
● At this point, with your body still warm and relaxed muscles, a de – contracting or relaxing massage will be a real pleasure.

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