DIBI Milano

Our Spa Maison BB is a DIBI Milano specialised centre that combines avant guard cosmetic methodologies with ultra-high innovation content technology guaranteeing greatly effective results.

Thanks to the professionalism and competence expressed in the DIBI method and to the knowing hands that instil wellbeing, we ensure you will have an extraordinarily pleasant experience.
A crucial role is that of the DIBI beautician, who will help you to personalise the treatments to your own individual needs and expertly advise you on a focused and effective beauty programme, in the Hotel just like at home.
KRF Technology
In our SPA we use Radiofrequency, a flow of electromagnetic energy that passes through the skin and warms tissues from the inside, producing three fundamental effects:
1. Its mechanical effect promotes increased blood flow
2. It acts on collagen fibres via thermotherapy creating an immediate “lift” effect and stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin
3. It re-activates cellular metabolism with an increase in energy and oxygenation.

KRF is used on both face and body, with specific objectives: tones and oxygenates tissues, smooths out wrinkles, drains excess liquid, lifts the oval of the face, redefines the silhouette and promotes a reduction in the volume of fat cells.
The benefits of this treatment are visible to the naked eye following the very first treatment. We recommend a package of 3 sessions to take advantage of the 10% discount on the normal price.
Radiofrequency aside, the highest performing DIBI treatments for the body are Cell Contour, excess liquid drainage and anti-cellulite, and Lymfogen-e pressomassage which stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation; for the face we recommend one of the Luxury treatments, according to individual needs, Procellular for specific skin care, and anti-age intensives.
Time of Ritual
Thermal waters are the ideal place to relax and recharge. Time of Ritual is the sensorial welcome treatment for the face and body, which, in 90 minutes, melts away tension, reawakens, and brightens the skin. We recommend this at the beginning of your stay, both to let go of that built up stress and to enjoy the time you have in complete relaxation, and as a preparatory ritual for other treatments, as cleansed and revitalised skin absorbs a larger quantity of minerals and active ingredients.
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