Mayr Cure

Curative fasting under medical supervision
This treatment protocol is widespread in Austria, Germany and the Nordic countries, and it consists of at least one or two weeks in which you allow the intestines to rest, thanks to a diet controlled by the doctor, according to the patient’s state of health and goals and, at the same time, it provides a deep cleaning.
Curative fasting: what does it mean?
For Latin countries, this word can strike fear, so we are going to explain in what feeding consists during the Mayr Cure. According to your state of health and to the goals to be achieved, the doctor prescribes a diet of liquids only, or a light meal plan consisting of dairy products, bread and steamed vegetables, or light meals and fat-free based on vegetables, meat and fish.
The benefits of the Mayr cure:
Detoxification of the organism
Cleaning of the microcirculation
Elimination of the work overhead of the digestive system
Anti-aging action, visible on the skin and hair after just one week
Good mood: after the first phase (2/3 days), tiredness and irritability disappear, the concentration ability increases and mood benefits from it
● Increased awareness of how and how much to eat for a healthy life
● Resolution of painful situations such as headaches and pain in neck and back, of problems related to the circulatory system, of metabolic diseases
Increased energy, memory and concentration skills

The 3 cornerstones of the Mayr Cure:
Have you noticed that, the more the meal is heavy and / or abundant, the more you feel deprived of energy, while the food should be "our fuel"? Putting the digestive system to rest means to give it the time to activate its self-healing capabilities and to have more energy available.
During the treatment, the elimination of intestinal waste is facilitated to boost the process of detoxification of the whole organism. At the Therme we have a powerful ally in the cleansing process, ie the mature mud. We advise you to add the mud therapy program to the Mayr Cure: its daily applications stimulate the body reaction and accelerate the processes. Furthermore, the sweating produced by thermotherapy helps the disposal of toxins.
The doctor gives advice for a healthy and proper diet, and above all, about how and how much to eat. In a few words, it is given importance to the chewing and to the re-discovery of sense of satiety at the table. At the end of the stay, a meal plan will be given to be followed at home in the next two weeks, to restart a usual diet, with the hope it will be without "bad habits" and very ... B.Well!

The Mayr treatment protocol includes:
● 7-night stay in the selected room type, including access to the thermal pools, the SPA, Hell – Purgatory - Paradise, the equipped gym and scheduled fitness activities
● 2 litres of mineral water and herbal teas at your disposal every day in your room
● 1 First meeting with our doctor for an evaluation of your state of health and the careful explanation of the therapeutic protocol Mayr, giving of the food plan during the stay
● Meals are served in a private area or, if you prefer, in your room, with food allowed by the doctor
● 5 Meetings with the doctor for abdominal treatment and short check of the cure progress
● Final control with the giving of a discharge letter for the family doctor and of the food plan for the following weeks
Starting from € 1.125,00 per person
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